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Burçelik, was founded in 1968 at present location in Bursa Industrial Park starting with a 500 kg molten metal capacity. Gradually increasing its capacity today Burçelik, with 35 tones molten metal capacity, qualified staff, alloy versatility and wide machining possibilities, is between the leading and the most experienced foundries in Turkey. Our annual capacity is 7000 tonnes and the steel alloys produced are; plain carbon steels, low alloy steels, stainless steels, high manganese steels, heat resistant steels, tool steels, alloyed or unalloyed gray and nodular irons and white cast irons. Burçelik is operating in 28.500 m2 area of which 20.050 m2 being covered, including Foundry, Machining and Construction Shops. Total number of employees are 250 of which 35  are engineers. Burçelik is exporting more than 50% of its production to West European Countries. Main sectors we serve are automotive industry, general machinery, crushers, iron and steel mills, cement industry, power plants, and marine industry.
100% customer satisfaction is the key issue for Burçelik and to assure this, we use up to date technologies and high quality materials in production. Qualified and well experienced staff, being operated as a foundry more than 40 years and wide testing possibilities are  another advantages to catch our aim. Burçelik has ISO 9001 certificate since 1996 and for certain industry branches product are certificated by ABS, RINA and DNV.
Our general production range falls between 50 – 25000 kg pieces and being a jobbing foundry we produce according to the customer design and meet the most stringent technical specifications. Cast parts can also be delivered as rough or finished machined.

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