Company Policies

Environmental Policy

As BURCELIK Inc. Co, we accept using natural sources actively and profitably in the processes we conduct; by strictly following related laws and regulations and preventing  pollution;by  minimizing and sorting the waste in the source and by discarding with appropriate methods, as our environmental policies.

  • To educate employee in order to increase the environmental consciousness,
  • To use appropriate methods for reducing adverse effects of our activities and products on the environment,
  • To respect and strictly follow the laws and regulations and customer needs in order to prevent pollution,


Occupational Health And Safety

As BURCELIK Inc. Co, our most valuable being is human and this thoughts is our principle.Starting from this principle, occupational health and a major point for our processes and products.,

For this purpose our main policies are:

  • To minimize the possible accidents , ilnesses and woundings by curbing such risks by evaluating new products and processes in the phase of engineering design.
  • To respect the international laws and strategies on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS),
  • To make constant improvement on our OHS performance by following all the regulations on occupational health and safety, employees’ suggestions and risk evaluations,
  • To set goals on OHS and to act in unision with our employees in order to accomplish those goals,
  • To make all BURCELIK Inc. Co employees conscious of occupational health and safety policy by increasing realisation,
  • To identify risks and to take precautions towards mortality, accident and damage possibilities with all employees’ participation
  • To follow all state regulations with top level performance,
  • To investigate, to improve, to control OHS applications permanently and carefully.


Our Social Responsibility Policy

As BURCELIK, we aim to sustain all our works with our employees, suppliers, and costumers, in accordance with laws and social standarts and with trust and honesty.

In our company, working age is appropriate for the laws and no child labor is allowed.

  • BURCELIK supplies OHS in all its activities by meeting the legal conditions  on OHS, by taking precautions in order to prevent health and safety risks and by educating its employees on this topic,
  • BURCELIK employees have freedom of thought and belief. No one is discriminated in terms of language, faith or religion, nationality, gender, social class or age,
  • In Burçelik , working hours are prepared according to the laws and we give a day off all the employees.
  • In our company payment policy is evoluated by considering employees intelligence and capability and we do not pay out under union rate.
  • Burçelik make its employees conscious by education and contribute to protect nature,environment and natural sources in all part of life.
  • Our employees have got right for collective bargaining and unionization.
  • Burçelik do not proctonize its employees with physical or monetary discipline practice but encourage their improvement with training and rules..