Message from Chairman

The year 2017 was the 49th year of operation of BURCELIK.

Within these 49 years, BURCELIK, starting from a minor steel foundry, became a strong industrial company creating a considerable added value to Turkish economy. I thank all our shareholders for their valuable input to the company. I also thank our Burcelik entire workforce for their contributions and hard work
BURCELIK offers quality products and services to the local and export markets in four main areas:

  •  Steel castings at various alloys and qualities,
  •  Stone crushing, screening and stocking machinery as well as other heavy industrial equipment and welded constructions at larger scale,
  •  Machining capabilities at various dimensions.
  •  EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) contracting in large material handling projects.

BURCELIK is actively contributing to the productivity and profitability of its customers.

High performance, high quality, safety and multipurpose design of the machinery produced by BURCELIK and other quality services rendered provide a total maximized profit package to the end users.

The changes of the World economy in the last 5 years had an impact on Burcelik, hence causing a change in our customer portfolio. We have started to target end users to be able to participate in large projects.  We therefore have started to enforce a new”BURCELIK” branding policy both in domestic and targeted export markets. We are expecting that this approach will create a positive impact.

Investments for restructuring the company were also continued and several projects were implemented.  Development program of the HR department, redesigning of the stock control system have been put into operation. Modernization project of the machinery park has started and still continues. Machining capacity of the plant has been increased. The enhancement plan of  R&D department of the company started and we are expecting important R&D results in the upcoming years.

We are expecting full support from our stockholders and employee to continue our progress in becoming a world class company, to have best results in our area of business, and having the appreciation of our customers and of the community we are living in.

Ragip Serdaroglu