Supplementary Products
Supplementary Products
Supplementary Products

BURCELİK brand complementary equipment also used at crushing-screening plant systems, such as hopper, feeders, conveyor belts, surge bin, stock silos and state of art digital automation systems.

Hopper and Feeders

Bolted and welded steel construction hoppers are used to store feed material for continuous operation. Vibrating Feeders, belt feeders and apron feeers are also in production range of Burçelik.


Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are used to transport bulk material. Depending on requirements, stationary and portable type of belt conveyors at various width and length are designed and manufactured by Burcelik.

Stock Silos

Stock silos are generally used for short term storage of crushed and classified material. Pneumatically controlled discharge lids ease material loading to transport trucks.

Automation Systems

Burçelik Digital Automation Systems are controlled by a PLC. Wide range of options such as weighing belt, Scada System, speed and feed control sensors are available for customer requirements.



Washers are used to separate clay from aggregate.

Clay free aggregate materials are generally used in ready-mixed concrete and asphalt plants.

Bucket, spiral and spiral-bucket types of washer design is available from Burçelik.

Technical Specifications
TypeCapacityMotor PowerBucket WidthWheel SpeedWater VolumeWeight
Sand (m³/h)Water (m³/h)(kW)(mm)(RPM)(m³)(kg)
YH 50500 Ç25-4040-707,5 – 11-20-2423100
YH 75750 Ç50-7570-14011 – 15-16-2034750
YK 24.5 Ç6518045001,3-1,982710
YK 24.8 Ç1053005,58001,3-1,9133600
YK 24.5 T32901,55001,3-1,96,51936
YK 24.8 T5214538001,3-1,97,22230
YKH 24.5 Ç651907,55001,3-1,9288600
YKH 24.8 Ç105310118001,3-1,93010200